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Pitch 2.0 connects to hundreds of data sources, tracks 100+ metrics about your company, and recommends the best version for each investor. Never fiddle with templates or versions again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pitch 2.0?

 Pitch 2.0 is a Automated AI Infused Pitch deck creator Application, designed to simplify and create standardized Pitch decks that can be used for Startups looking for funding, for Freelancers to pitch their company and services, SMEs looking to pitch their brand, Incubators, Investors and Accelerators looking to have standard pitches to review and a novel each time, basically your all in one Pitch site

How does Pitch 2.0 Work?

Pitch 2.0 works by first taking out what isn’t needed, and keeping only what is, in a structured flow that allows the user to walk through each slide and with the help of AI create a Pitch Deck that makes sense, is standard, and easy to understand.  With the additional Share Feature, users can send out, get feedback and change, Edit or Pivot their Pitch to have a final and impactful Pitch Deck.  We make Pitching Easy

How does Pitch 2.0 Help?

Pitch 2.0 helps simplify the Pitching process, not only for the one who’s pitching their ideal, business Brand, but the ones reading the Pitch.  By making it simple to the point with only the key features needed, you remove clutter, noise and unnecessary information and get the point the pitch is trying to achieve.

How does the Pricing work?

All users have access for 10 Days, more than enough time to build your Deck and Share it, but the small price of 10$ for a full year access is to help us support our platform, and our community, and for that we Thank you for your contribution.