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Pitch 2.0 connects to hundreds of data sources, tracks 100+ metrics about your company, and recommends the best version for each investor. Never fiddle with templates or versions again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pitch 2.0?

Pitch 2.0 is a digital platform that builds a dynamic pitch for your startup. Connect various services together to provide a holistic view to your investor. The platform is also interactive, giving the VC or Investor the ability to perform projections.

We also track how VC's and Investors are viewing your Pitch, so that you can spend time where it matters.

How does Pitch 2.0 work?

Fill up the initial profile and connect various services to automatically build your pitch. Share the link with Investors or VC's and boom. Pitch, the way it should be. 

How will Pitch 2.0 help me?

Today, the Pitch process talks about finding the right template and preparing slides.

We believe that there should be a better way and that the focus should be on your product, vision, evaluation etc. Pitch 2.0 automates all of this for you, and provides an interactive tool for you and your investor to work on.

Our team scoured through more than 100 pitches that lead to almost 5bn USD in investments in 2021 to build the best dynamic pitch. 

How does the Promotional pricing work?

Pitch 2.0 is in Beta and we are looking to onboard up to 30 users at this promotional pricing of 20 USD per year. 

This set of Beta users will enable us to tweak the product to then make it available for all startups and founders.